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FPC Rules and Regulations 

Purpose of FPC

 To encourage, promote and share a memorable camping experience with all of its members and to enjoy all of the beauty and camping facilities of what the State of Florida has to offer. We are a family oriented camping group and strive to make every campout a wonderful time of family centered activities and functions. All who love to camp in whatever they chose to camp in are welcome to apply.

Membership and Dues

Membership dues are $25.00 for Florida Potluck Campers (FPC). Notice of Membership Termination due to actions by a FPC Member or guest thereof, deemed inappropriate by the FPC Advisory Board shall be final. While no set amount of campout attendance is required to maintain your membership in FPC, your request for membership in FPC denotes a willingness to camp with other FPC members and to extract full benefit from your membership, you are encouraged to participate as your schedule allows. The requirements of FPC membership are posted on the website and remain in effect until canceled or changed by the founder or Management of FPC.


Members of FPC shall be individually responsible for their own family members' and guests' compliance with the rules of the group in addition to any rules of selected locations (pavilions, campgrounds, etc.) of FPC events while in attendance at those events and or campouts. FPC shall not be held responsible for misconduct by individuals in attendance at FPC campouts or events - whether they are a member or not. Any FPC member/guest that is asked to leave a campground by its management/owners or law officers while attending an official FPC event may be subject to dismissal from FPC if the cause and actions leading to said removal could be considered detrimental to FPC or its membership


A member family may, at any time, invite guests or guest families to join in FPC campouts. The member assumes responsibility to convey to their guests that responsible behavior is expected at all times. This includes but is not limited to the Rules and Regulations of the Campground selected, in addition to any rules and regulations of FPC in effect at that time. If your guests are camping in there own camper and attend two or more events in a twelve month period they will need to become members of the club.


FPC Members are responsible to make their reservations in accordance to the posted reservation requirements of the campouts they wish to attend. Event Calendars are subject to change and as a member you are ultimately responsible for reading the event information and making timely reservations. Time is of the essence in responding to campouts and dinner information so access to the Discussion Board directly or through another member or source is needed to keep current on the activities of the group. 

Good Will

 Any person attending a FPC Campout or event - whether a member or not - shall attempt - at all times - to conduct themselves as 'ambassadors' of FPC, keeping in mind that nonmembers, not knowing whether an individual is a member or not, will perceive them everyone to be members, and judge the conduct of the group by any individual in attendance at a campout and or event. This of course being more evident when wearing FPC apparel on a campout. It is conducive to the good will of FPC, that each of us remind ourselves that our own conduct reflects on the whole of FPC's image to others so we encourage our members/family/guests to make every effort to be 'neighborly' to all other campers. 

Campground Rules and Regulations

All FPC members and their guests shall abide by the written rules and regulations of the campgrounds that we attend. Quiet time is to be strictly observed. Please respect your neighbors, as well as those that you are visiting, and limit your visitation within those time constraints. At no time shall a FPC dinner or event disregard campground rules and regulations in regard to conduct, noise - loud voices, yelling or music, profanity of any kind , ground fires and application of good camping etiquette. FPC members are expected to maintain their campsites in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the campground we are attending and to treat common areas with respect. FPC strives to maintain good order and to set a good example to other campers in our area and as such require this from each of its members and guests. 

Official Logo and Colors

The official color of FPC is  Green with the official logo. Other colors for apparel may be offered for purchase with FPC approval. No reproductions of said logo are allowed, however permission may be granted for its use by the members on a case by case basis. Official shirts, caps and other apparel are ordered through FPC only. Prices and selection are listed on the the club official website and can be purchased there. 

Photos and FPC referenced material

No reference to Florida Potluck Campers through written, digital, electronic or published media can be offered by anyone, member or nonmember, without written permission from the Director or jointly with the Management of FPC. 

FPC Members Rights

As a member of FPC, any information obtained by FPC will be used for the sole purpose of authenticity for membership and for campout reservation requirements. All measures have been taken to insure that the information given is protected from third party use and no archives of member information is stored for FPC on the website. However, FPC assumes no liability for any use of that information due to circumstances beyond its control. Please safeguard your personal information and anyone requesting information from a member to whom you feel is suspect then by all means do not release that information. Please e-mail us immediately if you believe that you have been inappropriately contacted, spammed or harassed by another member. Members are encouraged to interact with each other and as such please govern yourselves offering kindness and respect to each other at all times. Do not use the e-mail addresses of any or all of FPC's members without first requesting permission to do so out of respect to others who may or may not share your same viewpoints on matters outside of the topic of camping with FPC. If at any time a member has an issue with another member they have the option to ask the FPC Management to mediate the problem on their behalf if they feel that they themselves cannot not to talk to the offending member directly to effect a resolution. 

Camp Hosts and Chuck wagon Hosts

FPC members are encouraged to act as a Camp Host or Chuck Wagon Host when your schedule permits. A "Guidelines and Procedures for Camp/Chuck Wagon Hosts" will be posted so that you will know what is expected from you and what FPC does and does not expect from that service. However, historically with FPC all hosts have exceeded our expectations and are great role models for future Camp Hosts and Chuck Wagon Hosts. Your service in this capacity is the greatest service available to FPC members and as such your membership in FPC is most valued.