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Florida Potluck Campers
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We are a group who enjoy getting together to have fun and camp. Some of our activities include biking, hiking the trails, kayaking, fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors. Friday night, we meet and greet with coffee and dessert around a warm campfire. On Saturday night, we come together to share a Pot Luck dinner, and enjoy time around the campfire. If you enjoy camping and want to meet other families who enjoy camping and having fun, come join us as we “Camp Florida Parks” and bring something special to the table….

Colt Creek State Park By Laurie Taylor April 2021


This 5,067 acre parcel of land was purchased from the Overstreet family in 2006 to become Florida’s 160th State Park. The park has 15 miles of multi use trails that meander through the pine flatwoods around cypress domes, bottomland forest and past open pastures. Several in our group tackled the 7 mile off road trail by bicycle coming across a very large hornets nest which is located between maker 70 and 71.

A big thank you to our hosts Ray and Marlice. Friday nights meet and greet gave us time to relax by the fire and catch up with old friends and of course enjoy sweets and other treats.

Saturday night’s Mexican themed Potluck dinner included chicken tacos, steak quesadillas and several other Mexican casseroles along with a green salad and desserts. Marlice and Ray provided the sombreros and other Mexican themed props for photos and Robert brought the margarita machine.

We were all pleasantly surprised at how well groomed and spacious the campsite were. Our few wildlife sightings included hawks, deer, snakes, bunnies and of course alligators.

Sunday’s movie night included a game of “guess who” this is - everyone sent in a baby picture, Robert made a slide show making sure “all” the pictures were black and white. Everyone had fun guessing and laughing, of course many were stumped as to who each photo was. George was the winner guessing the most correct.

See you at Blue Springs State Park in May. Until then safe travels..

Colt Creek 2021


Why Join A Club?

There is no better feeling when you pull into a campground and you know most of the people there.
I started camping with my family 15 years ago and every campground we went to, no matter how many people were at the campground we always felt alone.   By the time you met other campers it was time to pack up and go home. But now since we joined the "Florida Potluck Campers" its like a BIG family reunion every trip. You pull into the campground and they know your coming and what site you will be staying on. If you need help they are there, having issues with your camper... most likely someone there can fix it and so on...... This is the only way to camp!! So come on out and see for yourself what we are all about and how much fun camping is when you have friends everywhere you go. 

In Memory Of Steve Harris  6/13/2012

Steve shared his love and wisdom of camping with each one of his fellow campers. Upon arriving at each campout, we were greeted with a warm hello and an encouraging word. Steve cared about each family and would always check on each camper until the last family arrived safely at their site. He would make his way throughout the weekend to visit and share his knowledge of camping, the park we were camping at and places of interest in the area. As we continue to share the memory and our love to camp, we have become the Florida Pot Luck Campers. 

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How to become a member

To become a "New Member" of the "Florida Potluck Campers" it is recommended that you attend at least one of our events. To see the upcoming events just click on the Events  tab on the left and you will be able to see all the up coming camp-outs. If you would like to attend one you will have to book your camp site through Reserve America then register for that event on our site.

The membership fee for new members is $25 per year. The membership fee covers all who camp with you in your camper. To apply click on the Membership tab on the left. We look forward to seeing you around the camp fire.

If you are a former FPUC member and have a valid membership number than all you need to do is select the "Former FPUC Member" option when filling out the application and enter your FPUC membership number. The membership fee is $25.00 per year for all members.